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Why You Need to Clean Your Makeup Brushes {& how!}

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I am so embarrassed to admit this, but… I’m really terrible about cleaning my brushes.

It’s particularly embarrassing  because I’m a bit of a germ-a-phob. I don’t share drinks with people. I wipe down my kitchen counters an obnoxious amount of times every day. My sheets are changed twice a week, & I often stress out over wondering how often I should throw out & replace all of my towels! So, I’ve always been curious about whether or not I really have to clean my brushes… & what’s the most effective way to do it.


If you follow me on Instagram & keep up with my Stories, you’ll remember that I recently spent my Sunday Funday purging my bathroom vanity of all the beauty products I never use. (I’ve also blogged about this in the past… you can read about it HERE.) During this process, I discovered THREE unopened brush cleaning solutions… which snowballed into me getting all nerdy over this topic, & researching about why (or why not!) I should be cleaning my makeup brushes.  

My current makeup brush cleaning routine:

Like I said, I found three never-been-used brush cleaners in my beauty product purge… so it’s safe to say I’ve never done much more than think about a regular brush cleaning routine. My go-to cleaning strategy has always been to swirl my brushes around on a makeup wipe after each use. I mean, these wipes claim to be gentle enough for my face & removing the makeup… it seems like this should be a worthy cleansing option to me. Disclaimer: I do not use makeup wipes on my face.  Spoiler Alert: there’s an upcoming blog post about why I don’t do this. Keep your eyes open!

What I discovered when researching “Cleaning Makeup Brushes”:

I took to the Google to start my research, & the first article I opened contained words that made my stomach turn: 

Makeup products — especially concealers and foundations — typically contain hydrating components, which provide a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. 

*Puke* Thank you, The Pretty Pimple, for ruining my appetite. (sidenote: the irony in the name of this beauty blog makes me giggle!)

Next click took me Reader’s Digest & this bad news:

Stressed-out skin that’s constantly coming into contact with bacteria is going to start to show signs of wear. When your skin is stressed collagen and elastin start to breakdown at a much faster rate, causing your skin to lose its plump, youthful appearance. You could end up with premature wrinkles as a result of constantly using dirty brushes.

Umm… excuse me, what?! “Premature wrinkles” = the most terrifying words ever. 

At this point, this is what I know: I’m not eating dinner tonight & I’m going to spend that time doing yoga, to calm me down after reading those dreaded words. But, I feel like there is magic in threes. So, I needed one more reliable source in order to feel like I really did my due diligence here. 

And then an article from Medical Daily popped up. YOU GUYS! You can get a staph infection from dirty makeup brushes. Cellulitis, a fairly common, & mild infection that typically clears up within days or weeks, becomes a bit more serious when you consider how close your face is to your brain & how delicate your eyes are. “Brain infection” & “blindness” sealed the deal.

Makeup brushes MUST be cleaned regularly! 

If all this info isn’t enough to make you think twice about putting those makeup brushes to your skin again before giving them a good ol’ deep clean… I mean, I don’t know what will! For clearer, younger, healthier skin… wash your brushes.

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