Why I Workout In The Morning

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workout in the morning
workout in the morning
workout in the morning

I am a morning person. 

Hitting the gym at 6:30am has been a regular part of my daily routine for over 10 years now, & I can’t imagine starting my day any other way. This is when my mind is clearest & I have the most energy, & I find that my workouts set the tone for the rest of my day. I recently read that a morning workout is a lot like breakfast in that it gets your metabolism going. Simply put, you burn more calories all day long just from the sheer fact of exercising in the morning.

My types of workout are pretty consistent: I have worked out with the same trainer for 8 years now. We do a combination of strength training & cardio, some days weighing more heavily in one type of routine than others. While I’ve tried every form of boutique fitness studio & routine under the sun (kickboxing… spin… yoga… barre… pilates…), I feel as though I have consistently remained in the best overall shape of my life since working with my trainer. Albeit, I’m driven by challenging myself & I’m always pushing myself to achieve more, physically. I also feel so much better about my day. Here are some other changes I’ve noticed, that I credit to my morning sweat sessions:

workout in the morning

I’m more productive.

Beginning my day with my morning gym time gets my endorphins going first thing. I wake up earlier in order to get to the gym & I feel more awake & ready to tackle the day, thanks to an extra energy boost. Studies show that working out can increase your mental clarity for 4 to 10 hours post-exercise, & my level of productivity is obviously higher on days when I have worked out.


I’ve also noticed that on days when I don’t make it to the gym, I don’t move as much in general. Getting that morning workout in also inspires me to keep moving throughout the rest of the day. I have more energy & am definitely more active.

I eat healthier.

By knocking out my workout first thing in the morning, I approach food differently throughout the day. I love breakfast food, but I don’t crave pancakes after an hour of intense cardio. I am conscious about fueling my body with protein & foods that burn clean, so I don’t “undo” the work I’ve done in the gym. Research shows that exercising in the morning can actually make food seem less appealing.

Because I hit the gym first thing in the morning, I always workout on an empty stomach. A fun fact I recently stumbled upon: a 2013 British Journal of Nutrition study found exercising on an empty stomach can burn as much as 20 percent more fat than when a meal is eaten first.

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I sleep better.

When I hit up an after-work spin class I am too revved up to fall asleep afterward! I struggle to wind down & find myself tossing & turning. It’s definitely more difficult to fully relax & drift into peaceful sleep, & I am my best with I log 7+ hours of sleep.

I have content to share.

Okay, this one might be a little ridiculous… but it help to hold me accountable, regardless! I love an Iowa sunrise & it makes for great content for my InstaStories! I also like to share my workout journey on Instagram, & hope that it inspires others to set goals for their health & work towards them.



When do you like to work out?

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