What I Do To Stay Fit.

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what i do to stay fit

I often talk about how my workouts are an integral part of my daily routine, which always leads to lots of messages, asking what I do to stay fit. 


For me, working out is so therapeutic. I need that hour long sweat session first in the morning, to move my body, release tension, get focused mentally, set my intention for the day & sweat. It doesn’t always matter what I’m doing, it’s more about moving. However, from an aesthetic stand point, I find that my body responds better & more quickly when I switch up my workouts & do multiple things, versus just doing one type over & over. Today I’m sharing the breakdown of what that looks like & how I get my workouts in when I travel!

what i do to stay fit
what i do to stay fit

My normal routine.

I try to work out 5 days a week, Monday – Friday. When I am in town, I love doing classes of some kind because I think it pushes me to do more than I would otherwise.


Personal Training. 

My go-to, tried & true, first fitness love is my sessions with my trainer. We focus primarily on weight-lifting, mostly because I’ve managed to train him to know how much I despise cardio. 😉 He’s great at challenging me, always keeping things fresh, & being that I’ve trained with him for 7 years now, he has my strengths & weaknesses pretty dialed in.


Knowing that I can maneuver my way around heavy cardio workouts with my trainer, but knowing that a well-rounded routine is necessary for me to feel my absolute best, I’ve found that specific cardio classes are how I force myself into raising my heart rate on the regular. My favorite spots in Cedar Rapids are Burst Studios & Heat Yoga, when I’m feeling like really pushing myself to get in my cardio. Being that this form of exercise doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s taken some time to find some things I can stick to.

Indoor Spin Classes.

The beauty of Burst Studios is that an indoor spin class gives me all kinds of things to focus on, besides the physical discomfort I feel from pushing myself during the workout. With the lights turned down, the music turned up & videos flashing before me, I can get lost in the beat & the direction of the instructor & really “plug in” to getting out of my comfort zone. I try to hit up a hard spin class twice a week & really focus on competing with myself. I always keep track of my average power, average RPMs, distance traveled & caloric burn, & set goals for myself to hit with each class. (<- another distraction!) I really love seeing my stats after class… seeing that I’m burning calories like crazy helps to keep me coming back.


Hot Yoga Classes.  

I started noticing some aches & pains I couldn’t ignore about a year ago, which is when I started seeing a chiropractor. Dr. CJ Kleene at Back in Line informed me that adding yoga to my fitness routine would help me to hold my adjustments better. I spend so much time contracting my muscles by lifting in the gym, that stretching them back out via yoga would really benefit my body.

I found that I don’t love yoga, because I’m not very good at slowing down… & I don’t feel that I receive the same benefits as my other workouts, because I don’t break a heavy sweat. I found that I wasn’t sticking to my commitment to yoga, until I found Heat Yoga.  The addition of higher temperatures was just what I needed to encourage me to stick with it. I feel more in tune with my body, thanks to yoga, & I know that my flexibility, balance & core strength have benefited. On a good week, I’ll incorporate an evening hot yoga class into my schedule. I’ve found it to be a great way to close out a work day, letting my mind & body relax & unwind, helping me to set boundaries between my work life & my home life.

what i do to stay fit

At home or travel workouts.

I really love my workouts, which is why I find it easy to make it a priority for me to get something in daily (& often, twice!) However, making it to classes is not always realistic, so when I am needing a quick workout at home or when I’m traveling & on the road I still love to do something.


Physique 57. 

I owe Kelly Ripa for my love with this barre class. When visiting New York a few years ago, I signed up for her favorite class & found myself hooked. I immediately ordered the DVDs so I could recreate this workout in my home gym, & I’m still in love. I like Physique 57 because it burns like crazy & tones my muscles in that lean way we all like to be toned. It is also easy on my joints. It’s super convenient to be able to pop in a DVD at home, or stream a workout online when traveling, & when I consistently do Physique 57, both my arms & stomach are in the best shape they can get in.


Discovering new boutiques. 

Because much of my travel is as a tag-along while my husband is working, I’ve learned to find ways to occupy my own time in ways that I love. One of these ways is checking out fitness boutiques that I don’t have at home. I always make it a point to look up what gyms are relatively near where we are staying, & reserve a class time that will get me up & moving while he is gone during the day. I’ve checked out SoulCycle on a regular basis, Y7, SLT & more, as I’ve explored new cities, & it’s opened me up to new ways of exercising that I can challenge myself with.

I hope this helps answer some questions for you! I think the most important thing for me is consistency & committing to a minimum of 5 workouts a week, regardless of how busy I am.


What do you do to stay fit? Comment below with your tips & tricks, or if you have any questions!

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