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What Did I Just Do.

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Morning Workout
morning workout

I can’t believe I just signed up to run a (virtual) 5k… & in 10 days.

If you know me at all… this news should shock you. I DO NOT RUN.
I’ve tried. I want to enjoy running. I think the idea of lacing up & going out for a nice 3-5 miles sounds lovely… especially when traveling, what a great way to see a new place. It’s just that, well, I feel like I’m going to DIE when I put sneaker to pavement & attempt this feat.
However, I’ll do about anything in the name of #girlpower… & I really freaking love the Girls on the Run organization. Also, I’m so down for a little healthy challenge during these oh-so-challenging times! 💪🏼

Y’all want to join me? GREAT! Sign up & let me know you did! Y’all want to make my effort worth my while?


Thanks, Friends. Be prepared for lots of Instagram Stories over the next 10 days, of me attempting to crash “train.” & if this goes well, maybe I’ll stick to it & we’ll run together IRL soon?!
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