Weekend Road Trip Must-Haves

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With the weather we had over this last weekend, it’s really beginning to feel like Spring here in Iowa, & nothing gets me more in the mood for a change in seasons than a road trip!

Seriously, what’s better than rolling down the windows & taking off to explore a new spot on the weekends? After being cooped up this one winter, I can’t think of much that beats it! Two weeks ago, I traded out my wheels for a new ride with a little more room… & I can’t wait to load up the X7 & break her in with her first road trip! &, while D. is still in training as an “Instagram Husband,” you already know he appreciates new scenery to practice his skills with. ?


I’ve curated a list of my go-to’s for the road, for unexpected detours, & for your final destination. Here are the SignedM.-approved road trip must-haves that I know will help up your travel game.


1. Instant Film Camera

My favorite souvenirs from any trip, big or small, are always photos documenting the memories made. I love having these little photos scattered around to remember special times.


Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

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instant film camera


Hopper Two Portable Cooler

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2.  a cooler

What’s a weekend road trip without drinks & snacks, am I right?! I have more of a “salt tooth” than a “sweet tooth,” & Corn Nuts are my fave snack to pack. Hubs loves beef jerky & cheese curds, & we always have Hint Water on hand. D. is pretty much obsessed with anything YETI, & I have to agree: they make the best accessories for keeping things hot & cold!

SFERRA Celine Throw, Main, color, MUSHROOM


Celine Throw Blanket

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3. a blanket

a blanket is a must-have in my car at all times. What’s a weekend road trip without picnic or a stop along the way to enjoy the view?! I can’t remember the last time D. & I snuggled up under the stars… but, how romantic does that sound? A blanket is definitely an essential.


set of 6 Scrunchies for hair

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4. hair ties

Hair ties are crucial on the road, especially with the windows rolled down & the wind blowing through your hair {my favorite!}. These satin ones add a little somethin’ somethin,’ without the breakage.

Jelly Comb

6 Ports Rapid USB Multi-Port Car Charger

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5.  a car charger

iPhones & iPads & AirPods, times two! Nothing puts a damper on a weekend road trip like running out of juice, & with so many devices to stay connected with, D. & I have made sure we have a 6 port car charger in both of our rides.

6.  duffel bag

I am the queen at overpacking for any trip, long or short… but when it comes to weekend road trips, I try to limit my luggage to a single duffel. Try is the keyword in that sentence… as I often wind up with both a duffel & a small rolling bag. (Hey, don’t judge! I have size 11 feet & a girl always needs options for footwear, no matter the type of trip!)

View 1 - Damier Ebene Personalisation Hotstamping Keepall 50 | Louis Vuitton ®

Louis Vuitton

Keepall 50 Damier Ebene

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how to pack like a pro


Pill+ Portable Speaker

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7.  a portable speaker

Although my husband & I have completely different tastes in music, “playing dj” is always one of our favorite ways to pass the time on the road. We take turns picking the next song to play & it’s not uncommon to find the passengers in the car next to us giving us funny stares when they catch us having a full-on dance party at a stoplight. Keeping the dance party going from the car to our destination, once we arrive, is easy with our portable Beats Pill+ portable speaker.

Anyone have any fun weekend road trips on the calendar? What are your must-haves?


Images borrowed from Unsplash & BMW.

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