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Ways To Practice Self-Care While Staying Home.

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A silver lining that’s coming out of this seemingly endless time we’re spending at home is how we’re all learning the importance of self-care.

Making sure our mental health is in check with all the stress & anxiety that’s going on is number one, & treating ourselves to some serious self-care via skincare & beauty has personally done wonders for my mood.


Today I’m sharing my personal self-care checklist, in case you’re in need of some new ideas or products to consider adding to your own!


If you follow my on Instagram, then you already know how much I’m relying on daily workouts to stay sane. Moving my body & breaking a sweat always helps me feel so much better, less stressed, & like I’m not losing all the hard work I had put in with my trainer prior to isolation.


Get outside.

I am married to a workaholic & he seems to be even more productive in quarantine, when he literally doesn’t have any distractions to take him away from his desk. Because of this, we make it a point at 3pm every afternoon to get outside for a walk with Osman. Getting some daily fresh air, & being able to do it together, while we are so limited in the things we can do has been one of my favorite things about being stuck at home.


Take a bath.

I’m not typically a big bath person, especially this time of year, but this has become a new ritual of time… 20-30 minutes to myself in a tub full of bubbles, a glass of wine, my favorite candle & a good book has been so relaxing!


NOT participating in a bunch of Zoom calls.

At the beginning of social distancing I filled my calendar with Zoom calls with friends & family, & signed up to participate in a bunch of virtual community networking events… & it stressed me out, feeling like I needed to keep up with everyone else. In the last few weeks I’ve allowed myself to pull back from so much socializing, still connecting with friends & family when it feels good, but giving myself permission to say “no” to virtual happy hours & networking groups & tuning into live events. I feel more at peace when I don’t try to keep up with girlfriends & women in the community that I still admire & look up to.





How are you practicing self care in quarantine?

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