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The Vitamins & Supplements You Should Be Taking. {at every age}

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Vitamins & Supplements. They are all the rage!


All joking aside, I really feel like vitamins, minerals, supplements & health elixirs in general are trending lately. I am by no means an expert on the topic… {let me say that again, just to be clear: I am not an expert!}, but on my never-ending quest to life my healthiest life & with the influx of products I’ve been coming across, I wanted to dig in & do some research myself. There are so many vitamins & supplements promising different results, from a healthier digestive system to thicker & shinier hair… it can feel overwhelming. How is a girl to know what she should be taking at what age?!


I turned to the expert, Dr. Hannah Anderson of Back In Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness & co-founder of Well Labs, on this one {because, remember: an expert I am not!}. Still, please consult your doctor for serious questions, especially if you have dietary issues, take other medication or have health issues in general. Vitamins & supplements are not a replacement for food, nor are they the end-all to health issues… Vitamins & supplements should always be taken in addition to your food intake, & this is just a brief overview. Got it?

Methyl B's | Vitamin B Supplement


Methyl B’s by Well Labs

In Your 20s.

First of all, let’s talk about life as a typical 20-something woman: if you’re anything like me, you’re skipping meals during the day & binging on pizza after a decent amount of (cheap!) alcohol at night. You’re seldom found without caffeine of some kind close at hand &, of course, you’ve already made hormonal birth control a normal part of your life. “Alcohol, coffee & hormonal birth control all deplete B vitamins, a deficiency that sets you up for haywire hormones, mood swings & metabolic issues,” says Dr. Hannah Anderson. Her suggested must have? Vitamin B.Methyl B’s by Well Labs are key &, bonus!, very young professional budget friendly.”


The Benefits:

Methyl B’s provides you with the best forms of 8 B vitamins necessary for a healthy metabolism. B vitamins are essential for dealing with stress & maintaining energy levels. Not to be forgotten, you also need these essential nutrients for cardiovascular, mental, & nervous system health. They’re a big deal, with a capital B! It is important to note that Methyl B’s uses especially superior forms of B9 & B12, which are more easily & efficiently used in the human body.

In Your 30s.

So here I am: I feel like I’m always struggling with a lack of energy, & wtf… when did my metabolism start slowing down?! While I don’t have little kiddos (yet… maybe? No… IDK! Have you read my post: Is Anyone Else Afraid To Have Kids?), a lot of women in their 30s do. I check all the boxes for a stressful (but amazing!) career, a super crazy schedule & never enough time in the day for decent sleep. “Getting a higher quality multivitamin that’s geared towards energy production is extremely important,” advises Dr. Anderson. “The power multi is formulated to make our mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) function faster & smoother. Omega 3’s (especially if you don’t eat salmon or fresh fish every week… ahem, Iowa) are really important for decreasing inflammation & keeping your brain firing on all cylinders.”

Power Multi | Multivitamin for Men and Women


Power Multi by Well Labs


The Benefits:

Power Multi covers the bases you can’t. This adult multivitamin & mineral not only supports vital daily functions, but has a little something extra to recharge your cells & give you more energy throughout the day. This isn’t your average multivitamin! Power Multi supplies nutrients you need while providing an extra boost from amino acids shown to increase human energy output in peer-reviewed, double blind research. It’s that good.

Well Omega | Fish Oil Supplements


Well Omega, by Well Labs


The Benefits:

This highly concentrated fish oil provides a powerful punch of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s promote better brain function, support healthy skin, & act as nature’s anti-inflammatory. Well Omega provides nutrients difficult to find in a Westernized diet which are often shown to balance mood, increase mental focus, & improve heart health. Free of gluten, nuts, eggs, dairy, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. It’s a win-win with Well Omega.

In Your 40s.

Facts are facts: Women in their 40’s have a higher risk of heart disease. Sneaky, & terrifying! “Supporting your body with antioxidants like resveratrol and CoQ10 to defend your cardiovascular cells are very important,” says Dr. Anderson. More facts: estrogen also dips during this decade, which can lead to bone density loss. Scary! “Vitamin D is even more important during this decade for boosting the immune system and helping bones stay strong. Also, (not that we should… because we should wear WTF we want to), but a lot of 40-somethings stop going outside in a bikini, so they get less sun exposure & less Vitamin D overall.”

Power Resveratrol *NEW!*


Power Resveratrol, by Well Labs

The Benefits:

Fountain of youth? Close, but not quite! We age & get sick when our cells get damaged & can’t perform their normal functions. How do we fight that? With our body’s natural superheros: antioxidants. Power Resveratrol is an extremely potent antioxidant blend that turns up the dial on your body’s natural antioxidant-producing powers! This research-backed blend of superfoods is ready to boost the health & longevity of your cells, keeping EVERY system in your body more balanced. We’re particularly fond of this when we’re trying to detox, or we’re fighting (or preventing) a nasty illness.

CoQ10 100mg


CoQ10, by Well Labs


The Benefits:

It’s true, we make CoQ10 in our bodies, but not nearly enough to fight the cell damage many of us experience today. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost energy levels, & protect our cells from damage. We’ve paired it with vitamin E to make sure you can absorb it, & use it. Our ability to make CoQ10 goes down with age, & keeping it boosted can protect your heart, balance cholesterol & blood sugar levels, and make exercise easier. It’s nice to have an easy button every now & again!

Free of gluten, dairy, fish, shellfish, nuts, egg, preservatives, & artificial anything.

D3 + K2 Liquid | Liquid Vitamin D


D3 + K2 Liquid, by Well Labs


The Benefits:

This tasteless, odorless, colorless liquid is a near-genius way to get critical vitamins, D & K. D3 + K2 Liquid promotes healthy circulation, heart health, & blood sugar balance. Not only do we need Vitamin D & K for strong bones, but also both have been associated with stronger immune systems in long standing research. D3 + K2 Liquid does not contain gluten, dairy, fish, nuts, egg, artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

I’d love to know your thoughts on vitamins & supplements, & if you take any in particular! Let me know in the comments below.


& just for you… if you use the code SIGNEDM at Well Labs’ checkout, you’ll receive 5% off your purchase! xo!

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