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The Products I Use In The Shower.

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#truthbomb: Showering isn’t happening as much as usual in quarantine…

& washing my hair is happening even less… Clearly I have no shame. I’m fine. Really. Lol!


Here are the products I use in the shower:

Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo

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Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner

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NÉCESSAIRE The Body Wash, Main, color, SANDALWOOD

Nécessaire The Body Wash

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Neocutis Neo-Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser

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Clarisonic Skincare - Mia Prima Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Skincare Device White

Clarisonic Mia Prima

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Schick Intuition Razor F.A.B.

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Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream

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