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The Best Marriage Advice I’ve Received {so far!}

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marriage advice

We just celebrated three years of marriage, & eight years of being together. In honor of celebrating us, I’ve rounded up a list of the best marriage advice we’ve received {so far}!

marriage advice
marriage advice

1: Surround yourselves with healthy marriages.

Probably the most painful lesson we’ve learned, but the most positively impactful change we’ve made to our marriage! We are better together when we surround ourselves with other couples who put each other first, love each other unconditionally, & even in the hardest times consciously choose each other every single day. This meant for us that we needed to end some long-standing friendships & re-evaluate who we hung out with on a regular basis. Now, I’m not saying you abandon your friends in their times of need… it’s important that we are able to rely on our healthy friendships to help us persevere when things get messy… but you need to remember that your relationship, the one you have with your partner, is the one that matters most.

2: It’s OK to go to bed angry.

No one gets over anything at the snap of fingers. Sometimes, you just need to press pause when things get heated & go to bed, promising to revisit the topic in the morning. I know when D. & I have been able to do this, we both wake up in a different frame of mind… often able to put things into perspective more easily & talk things through in a calmer, healthier manner.

Also, it’s important to try to remember: 9 out of 10 times (if not all 10!), your person has no intention of upsetting you. It’s easy to take things personally, because relationships are exactly that: personal, but your partner is the one soul that you can count on always wanting the best for your relationship! “The bad” is typically purely accidental.

3: Take the time to learn what matters most to each other.

While I wouldn’t necessarily say Hubs & are are opposites…  we are motivated & moved by different things. We were advised to read  The Five Love Languages by a counselor prior to getting married, & it really prompted us to look at  & consider what speaks “love” to ourselves & to the other. People evolve over time, too, & it’s on us to recognize how we have done so in ourselves & in our partners. It’s a great book to reread every few years… especially after facing & growing through some of the tough stuff!


A suggestion for a fun date night: take the Enneagram Assessment together, read up on each of your types & how your types work together!  D. & I discovered this tool almost 3 years into our marriage, & laugh about how accurately it reflects who we are & even the things we fight about! It’s given us amazing perspective & understanding of ourselves & each other.

4: Set goals together, that you work on together.

It all comes down to priorities, friends! & by that, I means always prioritize quality time together (especially when things are hard!)  & envision achieving or doing something together as a team to keep your bond strong. Whether it’s a fitness goal, & you commit to working out together… a travel goal, & you explore a new place together… a financial goal, or whatever! This will help you see yourselves together in the future. It will encourage you to discuss lifestyle choices, & remind you to support one another along the way.

5: Above all else, love deeply.

For love covers a multitude of sins. This piece of advice is straight from the big man above, & I honestly can’t think of who could possibly be better to take advice from!  Our faith has been the foundation on which the healthy years of our relationship have been built on. & let me tell you… it’s made all the difference!

marriage advice

Alright, now it’s your turn: what’s the best relationship/marriage advice you’ve received? I’d love to hear any good tips & tricks that work for you!

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  • Annette mausser

    Pick your battles some things just arent worth it. And be accepting no matter what your deep down opinion is.

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