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Initial Consultation

So you’ve come to the realization that a social media presence is no longer “optional,” & you’re right! Talking all things social strategy is what we live for, so let’s chat! In this session, we’ll hash out what your current social media presence looks like, what your overall marketing objectives are, & how signedM.Studio can fit into your vision. *This 60-90 minute consultation is required to begin any monthly package. 

Best Practices Tutorial

You have the bandwidth to handle your social media, but you’d like a little coaching & training to make sure you’re making the best virtual impression. In this 3-hour tutorial on Facebook & Instagram, we’ll tell you where you’re killing it & where you need to kick it up a notch. We’ll teach you about best practices, fake news & maximizing your social media efforts by generating leads & growing your customer base. We teach you how to fish & you eat like the royalty that you are!


Monthly Content Creation & Management Packages

Instagram Content Creation & Management:

Thumb-stopping photos, the catchiest captions, & #trending hashtags curated just for you. A weekly editorial calendar with daily content planning, audience growth strategies, social listening, community engagement & goal setting done for you, so you don’t have to. Because, let’s face it… keeping up on Instagram is #exhausting.

Facebook Content Creation & Management:

The social media “It Girl”… the “Big Man on Campus”… let’s “face” it: Facebook is kind of a big deal. Content Creation & Management entails weekly content calendar & performance analysis, posting daily, & Facebook ad creation & budgeting. In the word’s of Olivia Pope, “It’s handled.” Sit back, buckle your seat belt & enjoy the ride.

Double Duty Content Creation & Management:

Instagram & Facebook management all wrapped up & tied with a bow. Amplify your brand’s voice & maximize your social media marketing efforts by doing double duty. Original content creation & management, audience growth, performance analysis & ad management included.

* all photos, videos, & other visual assets supplied by client


Email Campaign Management

Your email list is everything. Think about it: if Facebook & Instagram disappear (*knock on wood*) you can still carry on & continue engaging with your followers. Whether it’s every day, every other day or once a week, we work out what’s best for your business and keep your biggest fans in the know.

Blog Post

This is where you prove to people that you’ve got the goods & you really are the bee’s knees. Show off what you’ve got & gain the trust of your followers by proving that you know your customers as well as your business, & create a community based on your expertise that they read on the regular.

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