My Travel Rituals.

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My Travel Rituals

Travel: the only thing that truly makes you richer. 

My soul is happiest when exploring new destinations & while I truly do love home-sweet-home, I find that I get itchy feet when I don’t have a getaway on the books to look forward to. Being that Hubs & I travel on the regular, I’m often asked about what my travel tips are & if I have any rituals that I do every time I fly.


I honestly hadn’t really given much thought to my travel habits, but when I actually took the time to think about it I found that I do, in fact, have a few. Perhaps some of you share the same formalities or have some of your own.


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1. Headphones. With NO Music.

I’m an extroverted introvert that suffers with a bit of flight anxiety & major motion sickness, & while I really do love meeting new people… I love silence more. Especially on flights. One of the first things I’ll do when boarding the plane is dig out my headphones & pop them in. I usually play nothing. No music, *sometimes a podcast* (but rarely, tbh!), but I use my headphones as a polite way to shut down conversation with a complete stranger before it gets started. I don’t want to be rude… but, I also really appreciate being left to my own thoughts & ideas while I calm my nerves & sip my wine.

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2. Dramamine. {a Life Saver, for real!}

Like I mentioned above, I suffer with motion sickness. I honestly think it’s getting worse as I get older, & (if you also suffer, you know what I mean here:) it’s horrible. I religiously pop a couple of (non-drowsy, if it’s a shorter flight or I have meetings upon landing) Dramamine before boarding & have a quick little convo with God, asking Him to deliver my safely to my destination! If it’s going to be a longer flight, I will reach for the regular formula & chase it with a glass or two of wine. #bestnapever

3. a Bottle of Water & a Bag of Cheez-Its.

I am a bit of a germaphobe & airplane bathrooms are one of my biggest triggers; they are disgusting! While I really want to dehydrate myself in an effort to avoid the grossness, I always snag a big bottle of water in the airport & force myself to empty it by the time the plane lands. Then run straight to the restroom. I also always pick up a big grab bag of cheddar jack Cheez-Its. I love salt & they always seem to ease my queasy stomach, if I find myself suffering.

4. My Journal & a Gel Pen.

I am never without my journal, especially when I fly. My best ideas have come to me when I’m stuck on a plane for hours making lists. Content ideas, to-do lists, good old-fashioned journaling, doodles… I never ever want to be caught without a scratch pad & gel pen. I’m also really trying to make it a habit to spend time jotting down my thoughts, feelings & words of affirmation every day as part of my morning ritual. Plus, when all entertainment options fail, at the very least you will at least have a pen and paper to play with.

5. a Stack of Glossy Magazines.

My number one source of inspiration. I love flipping through the pages of my favorite magazines, although I rarely take the time to do this unless I’m traveling. Magazines spark new ideas for styling pieces, content for my next blog post & my always growing wishlist. *wink* They also serve as a great distraction for those take off & landing moments that give me the most anxiety.

6. Download a New Book.

Y’all already know I’m a book nerd. I always have multiple titles going, & lately I have felt really inspired to read all the business & personal development books I can get my hands on! However, one of my very favorite things ever is getting lost in a great novel. Being that I’ve been on my girl boss hustle in a big way for the last year, I haven’t allowed myself the luxury of reading for nothing but pleasure lately. Travel is when I indulge in this. Before I take off I always download a “just for fun” book to read… & I always need to stock up on a second one before flying home. (I’m a bit of a speed reader!)

7. the Night Before.

I hate packing. Correction: I loathe packing. Which, is maybe a bit of a surprise… given that I am the queen bee super planner of all super planners! Ugh. I will literally lay in bed the night before leaving for a trip & make a list of the outfits I want to pack, which accessories to toss in & list out all of my toiletries. I spend hours scrolling through Instagram for outfit inspiration, watch an episode or two of Friends (that I’ve seen a thousand times!) & maybe even take a quick little cat nap. The only thing worse than packing is unpacking, but I digress. I wait until the last possible minute to throw everything in a bag, & I swear every time I’m going to one day take a trip where I pack nothing but toiletries & treat myself to a new wardrobe upon landing. #travelgoals. & #wishfulthinking. I would seriously hire someone to pack for me. Any takers?!

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