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My New Morning Routine.

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morning routine
morning routine
morning routine
morning routine

I’ve always known I’m the kind of girl who loves a routine – I just had no idea how much I truly appreciate a schedule until I spent 6 months at home without one.

D. & I had never spent more than 17 straight days in a row, prior to Covid & thanks to his heavy travel for work. Our typical daily routines were thrown out the window in March & it felt (& still feels, because we aren’t “back to normal”) strange, & came with new challenges none of us really ever expected to face.


However, right now seems like as good of time as any to get back on track – with the new season comes a new morning routine! Sharing my new morning routine with you today…








I hit snooze twice every morning; it’s a habit I just can’t break. Once I wake up & drink a big glass of water. Before bed, I fill up my gallon water bottle & place it on my nightstand,  so it’s easy & right there in the morning – I don’t have an excuse. I immediately take my anxiety, depression & allergy meds (yep, that middle one is new since Covid … yay!), followed by slamming my fave Vital Proteins pre-workout drink before heading out the door.




Hubs & I hit the gym. We’ve been working out with our trainer together since we started dating 9 years ago, & it’s become just as important to my mood & wellbeing as my medication. Starting the day with a hard sweat session before I have the opportunity to be distracted by the day’s activities or realize what I’m doing, is how I set the tone for my day.




Make coffee, check my calendar for the day’s meetings & appointments, dive into emails & social media, then make my to-do list for the day. I get so much satisfaction out of checking off boxes as I get things done, I’ll always be a pen & paper kind of girl! I typically tune into Good Morning America & LIVE with Kelly & Ryan for a little background noise, & get to work.




Sweat Session #2. While we were in lockdown & extra strict about social distancing, I purchased a Peloton. It saved me while the gym was closed & I fell in love with the instructors, the competitive community, & the workout itself. I typically log into a 30-minute ride with @robinnyc, but when I feel like I need to shake things up I’ll snag a barre or outdoor run.




Lather, rinse, repeat. Although … if I’m being honest … the lathering, rinsing & repeating probably only happens twice a week. However I do scrub, soap & soothe! I’m obsessed with the Necessaire line of clean body products (body exfoliator, body wash & body serum), specifically the sandalwood & eucalyptus scents, & it makes cleaning up after my hard work extra satisfying.




Back to work! Some days I work from home & others I’ll find myself curled up on the pink couches at The Dostal House, or taking lunch meetings & logging into Zoom calls. Time to tackle the day!





What does your morning routine look like, & what keeps you on track?



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