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last 90 days

I can’t believe we’re into the last 90 days of 2019…

Seriously: how is that possible?! We say it every single year, don’t we? “Where did Summer go?!” “I can’t believe it’s already Fall!” &, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, we’d better enjoy every single color-changing leaf to the fullest… because here in the Midwest, we are bracing for the most frigid temps & the most snow. (stiffling sobs over here…)


I’m not big on New Year Resolutions… I’m more of a goal setter, then I set out to crush them. I love picking one word & dedicating my year to it. (This year was “purpose/intention,” by the way…) &, rumor has it, only 8% of those making resolutions see them through.


You might remember last year around this time, there was a #last90days hashtag that was trending. It launched a “movement” for people to reset, refocus & recommit to ending the year on top, having accomplished what they set out to do & ridding themselves the guilty feelings that come from giving up on their resolutions. I love that. So in the spirit of finishing my 2019 with intention & purpose,


here’s what I’m focusing on, in my last 90 days:

last 90 days
last 90 days

1. journaling every day.

First of all: I knew I loved Rachel Hollis coming into 2019, after reading Girl, Wash Your Face… but this year I heard Rachel Hollis speak. Between that amazing experience & Girl, Stop Apologizing, I feel like my girl crush reached another level.


Rachel has this whole idea around journaling that I’m in love with. She starts every single day with writing down 10 goals as if she’s already achieved them.  For example, one of her statements is “I am an exceptional wife,” & it serves are her daily reminder to go out of her way that day to show Dave (her husband – do you like how I act like I’m on a first-name basis with them?!) that she loves & appreciates him in a way that it meaningful to him. I love that!


My first #last90days commitment is to journal my top 10 goals every morning, as if I’ve already achieved them.


2. meditate daily

I recently took an “introduction to meditation” class with my girlfriends, & all the benefits meditation boasts to offer are all the things I need more of in my life! Stress management, anxiety reduction, prolonged attention span, enhanced self awareness… gimme all of that!


I’ve found that guided meditation is a necessity for me, if I am going to practice on the reg. I just don’t have the focus nor the attention span (yet!) to go at this on my own! In an effort to take this #last90days commitment seriously, I’ve downloaded a handful of apps that I’ve been experimenting with , in an effort to find my favorite. The apps I’m loving so far: Peloton, Headspace, & Insight Timer.


My second #last90days commitment is to give this meditation thing a good, strong, daily GO.

3. taking supplements

WHY can’t I remember to take my supplements every day?! You guys, my inability to be an adult in this area seriously frustrates the heck outta me! Lol! I’ve set reminders in my phone & I’m golden Monday – Friday. Then the weekend rolls around. My reminder goes off, & I literally feel like taking my supplements… so I tell myself, “I’ll do it later!” & I never do. I start over with this commitment every single Monday! Admittedly, I’m terrible at swallowing pills. It’s painful. To actually suffer through swallowing them, & to watch me struggle to make it happen. Hubs makes fun of my all the time!


My energy levels & my focus are so much better mid-week, when I’ve managed to complete a few days of adulting… so I know they are not only good for me, but they are giving me the results I want from them. I just hate & dread & forget & refuse to take them!


My third #last90days commitment: take the freakin’ supplements EVERY DAY!


Also, I once upon a time wrote a blog post about what vitamins & supplements you should be taking at every age… yes, the struggle to take my supplements has been real for a long time…


*use code SIGNEDM. to save on all Well Labs Supplements!

Alright, Friends… who wants to make a commitment to do big things in the #last90days of 2019 with me?! Comment below with what you are committing to, & I’ll help hold you accountable!

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