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My Favorite Blue Light Glasses.

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blue light glasses

A staple in my WFH wardrobe: blue light glasses.


Every Sunday my iPhone updates me on the average number of HOURS I spent that week staring at my phone screen. It’s always shocking … & I spend just as much time every day staring at my laptop screen, too! While I’ve always struggled with my distance vision, I’ve really noticed during 2020 my vision getting blurry while using the computer. So I started doing some research on blue light glasses, & if they are actually helpful, or just hype. 


I discovered that the verdict is still out on whether or not blue light glasses are effective, but I personally find that my eyes feel “less tired” after wearing them while I work. Perhaps it’s placebo … but they make for a pretty cute WFH accessory!


Here are a few of my favorite styles:

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