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How To Shoot Photos When Quarantined.

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This Coronavirus Quarantine has us all getting creative when curating content, & I’m finding out how challenging it can be to take photos for my website & social media without my photographer friend.


I am so fortunate to have such a talented photographer in Jess Denton, who acts as my main photographer. It’s so nice nice having someone to snap candid moments & outfit details during regularly scheduled shoots.


It doesn’t seem like this social distancing thing will be letting any time soon, so I thought I’d share a few tips & tricks for how I create content when I’m solo.


1. Selfies.

Selfies don’t always have to be as obvious as the above photo that I took a few days ago in my sweats. Catching your reflection in mirror selfies are great too.  Always be on the look out for reflections that are different.

2. Self Timer.

Get very, very comfortable with the self timer or even purchase a bluetooth remote that you can connect to your phone. It will feel like awkward as heck & is a pain at first… but once you get used to it, self timers can be the goods. I use self timers ALL the time, even for photos of Hubs I. I stack up a pile of books or move a chair to get the right shot. Sure, it takes about 50 photos… but there will always be a diamond in the rough. The below photo was taken on a self timer.


3. Take advantage of your quarantined roomies.

The making of an Instagram Husband is no easy task, my friends. D. & I have had our fair share of quarrels over his (in)ability to get the shot… however, we have found a way to make this marriage work still get the good shots for my social media. The secret: Photo Bursts. Hubs holds down the shutter button & I move for a few seconds & hope he gets at least one good shot out of the 174 he just shot!

4. Diversify your content.

You don’t have to be in EVERY shot. Post food shots or pics of your WFH space or the fancy pair of heels you put on with your sweatpants for a virtual happy hour.

5. Invest in a tripod.

Better yet, invest in a tripod that is made specifically for your iphone. I recently ordered this one for my upcoming travels & I have put it to work during this home isolation!


You can also put random parts of your body in the shot {i.e. a hand or a foot} & flat lays of what you’re reading, or the skincare products you’re using while cooped up at home.



Do you guys have any pro trips for fellow creators? Leave a comment below!

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