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How to Quickly Get Over a Cold.

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how to get over a cold
how to get over a cold

I recently found myself down & out with my first cold of the season

& I am no good at being sick! I spent three straight days snuggled in bed with Osman, wearing my favorite pair of sweatpants, in & out of a medicated coma. I hate being sick. (Who likes it, right?!) I struggle with guilty feelings over not being productive, canceling meetings, missing workouts. Naturally, I found myself googling ways to quickly get over a cold, & here’s what I found:


You can’t do anything fancy to get rid of a cold once symptoms have hit.

All you can really do is treat the symptoms. You can, however, take steps to prevent getting a cold in the first place. Here’s what the doctor orders:


1.  Get your beauty rest.

Admittedly, I’m a Nap Queen… especially on the weekends. I have no problem giving myself permission to sneak away for an afternoon siesta on a Saturday or Sunday. What I’m not as great at is scoring quality sleep every night. But we all know: inadequate sleep makes a dent in your immune system.


2. Hands off.

Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth! Think about all the surfaces we touch (& hands we shake!) as we go about our days, & sure… we wash our hands regularly (more on this in a sec), but these facial features are direct points of entry for germs.


3. Wash. You’re. Hands.

Seriously. Doctors say it’s *the* most crucial cold prevention advice you’ll here. Plus, warm soapy water just feels good, especially as the temps start to drop. I hate the feeling of dry hands, so I always try to keep a little tub of hand lotion in my handbag & the center console of my car.

4. Carry sanitizer & use wipes.

Hand sanitizer is my savior. Whenever I find myself out & about, & I notice someone nearby sneezing or coughing, it just makes me feel “cleaner” to have my hand sanitizer nearby. Doctors recommend using at least a dime-size dollop & rub for at least 30 seconds, for the sanitizer to be effective.

Sanitizing wipes also become a regular part of my routine at home & at the office this time of year. I make it a regular practice to wipe down keyboards, remotes & cabinet handles at least once a week. (More when Hubs or I have been sick!)


5. Up your fluids intake.

There’s a reason why we crave hot soup & tea when we’re sick… they actually help help loosen mucus & make a sore throat feel better. Also, up your water intake. Staying hydrated helps to flush out any toxins swimming around in your body, which is always important!

6. Eat your fruits & veggies.

Fruits & veggies are loaded with antioxidants, which give your immune system a lift & help repair your cells. I love to stock up on lemons & grapefruits & drop a slice in my water, to give it a little added flavor.

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