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How to Make the Most of Summer {before it’s over!}

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The days are ticking by faster than we can say “Summer.”


It happens this way every year, doesn’t it? The summer season is here one day, & then it’s gone in what feels like the next! I started the summer saying I was going to make this one last… & here we are, about to enter August, & I’m reminding myself once again to make time to slow down & soak up these simple, special moments. (These warm weather days will all-too-soon be a distant memory!)

Here are a few suggestions of iconic summer activities to make sure to make time for, before the season has passed us by once again.



Go to a farmer’s market.


Really, have you even experienced summer if you haven’t spent a Saturday morning at a farmer’s market?! Honestly, I go for the cute dog sightings for that the fresh produce… I love any activity that warmly welcomes our four-legged family members, & Osman loves making new friends! One of my favorite things to pick up at the market is fresh flowers. Bringing home a random assortment of blooms & arranging them on my counter makes me feel like I’ve brought summer inside with me. &, my reusable tote makes the perfect green fashion accessory.

Jump on your bike.


At the beginning of every summer I make the claim that this will be the year I ride my bike every day!  To the gym, as my cardio & warm-up… on the weekends, with friends for a bike bar crawl… by myself, just to get out & enjoy the time outdoors. & I’ll guiltily make the confession right here & now, that I haven’t gotten my bike out at all {yet!} this year. Every time I take the time to get out & ride I remember how much I love doing it. I have a favorite paved trail I like to ride that just so happens to have the cutest little ice cream shop located about 10 miles in… making it the perfect pitstop & turnaround point. Don’t forget to pack your water!

Take an evening stroll.


This may seem like a simple suggestion, but I find that I rarely take time to step away from my daily to-do list, leave my phone behind, & just … take a walk. The days are long, so you have ample opportunity after a long day at work to get out & soak up a little fresh air. I love to step out solo & challenge myself to appreciate my surroundings {no podcasts or playlists…}, & often find that this intentional “me time” rewards me with new inspiration & ideas. I also love leashing up Osman & heading out with Hubs. An evening stroll is the perfect opportunity for us to catch up & enjoy these fleeting, long summer days.


Click here for more of my favorite summer activities.


What do you have planned for making the most of what’s left of summer?

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