How to Make the Most of Summer {before it’s OVER!}

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Today marks the first day of August… which has me asking, “where has summer gone?!”


While “summer” doesn’t have the same impact on us adults as it did when we were kids, there is still something so nostalgic about the season that makes us want to hang on to every last late sunset. This summer has been filled with fun times & great memories, but (as with every summer…) I find myself wanting to pack in even more, before I find the warm weather & sunny season behind me. Today, I’m sharing my list of things to do that I still want to cross off my summer bucket list, in an effort to make the most of summer before it gets away.


What fun things to do are still lingering on your list to get done this summer? Please leave a comment below!

How to Make the Most of Summer
how to make the most of summer

Take in a Drive-In Movie.

I love the concept of a drive-in movie theater, even though I’ve never been. A quick google search tells me that there are at least 10 located within 2 hours of where we live, though… could this be the cutest summer date night ever?!


Send a Postcard to a Favorite Someone.

Summertime is for weekend getaways, right? I *try* to always make it a habit to snag a postcard from the fun places Hubs & I visit together, jot down a quick little note on the backside, & send them to my grandmother. I know she keeps every card I’ve sent, every picture snapped & every doodle drawn very neatly organized in a bin labeled with each of her grandchildren’s names on it… so there will once day come a time where I will dig through this bin & relive all of these memories that I wanted to share with her.


Digital Detox.

Does reading those words invoke anxiety for you? If you haven’t taken a digital detox yet (whether is be for a weekend of a week), I highly recommend it! It feels so liberating & refreshing, & it really allows you to enjoy the present. This is incredibly difficult for Hubs & I to do, with us both being business owners & social media being my addiction, but when we have done this together we always reap the benefits.


Classic Summer Movies Marathon.

When you think of “summer movies” what ones come to mind? The SandlotThe Parent TrapDirty DancingAmerican GraffitiStand By MeMy Girl. I need a summer movie marathon!


My Summer Reading List.

Yes, yes… I talk about this all the time: I am a book nerd. I love to read, it’s hands-down one of my favorite things to do. Two titles I’ve recently devoured: A Place Between Us & My Dear Hamilton. More of my Summer Reading List here.


Host a Dinner Party.

Hubs & I recently hosted our very first “official” dinner party since being married! Yes, we’ve hosted lots of “get togethers”… but not a dinner party, where we set the table & sit down to drink bottles of wine & devour delicious food. Until recently. Things I’ve learned: we invited 8, & we only have 6’s of everything. 6 matching plates, 6 matching table settings, 6 matching placemats… however, we invited Chef Anthony Green of Chef Green & Co. in to prepare the meal (y’all: I don’t cook.) & it was amazing. 

how to make the most of summer

No Makeup (but definitely SPF).

Honestly, why bother putting it on… I’m just going to sweat it off anyway! I really feel like my makeup routine is becoming more simplified & I’m embracing my natural self, in the name of saving time & appreciating who I am more. When I skip the makeup application, my skin is always happier. But, I never step out without SPF on.

a Pool Party with Your Girlfriends.

I’m a fish out of water… I love the sun… & the perfect “girls day” to me is spent poolside with my besties, sipping on cocktails & laughing together. With this summer sneaking away on me I haven’t had all the pool + girlfriend time I’d like to so I’m making this a priority in August, before it’s too late!


Take a Nap in a Hammock.

Big fan of naps, over here. & listening to the birds chirp… the wind blowing through the trees… it’s so peaceful & relaxing. A great way to press pause & soak up a few summer minutes.

Take in an Outdoor Concert.

Y’all should see my husband’s dance moves… they are something else! Lol! One of our favorite date nights this summer was when we attended an Andy Frasco outdoor concert & danced the night away, like no one was watching! We definitely need more nights like this before it gets cold out.


Pack a Picnic for the Park.

A bottle or two of wine… cheese, fruit & crackers… Osman the Great & his favorite ball to play fetch with. This has all the important ingredients for a special night for Hubs & I. My two favorite boys in the entire world…


Take a Sunset Stroll, Hand-in-Hand.

Something we don’t do often enough… but, there’s power in going for a walk together. I don’t know if it’s the physical act of “moving forward” together, or the opportunity to have real conversations with each other, or the time out we take from the rest of the world in order to do this. Whatever it is, it’s special. & it’s another thing we don’t do often enough. Extra bonus: the sunsets in Iowa rival some of the best in the world, I swear. Gotta make time to appreciate & remind ourselves that God is good.

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