How To Get “Unstuck.”

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I have a confession to make: I have literally no idea what big dreams I’m chasing down right now.

& this is completely uncharted territory for me, which makes it extremely uncomfortable.  I feel a little lost, to be honest. I’m a very goal-driven person & typically very future focused, as well. As a business owner, I know I’m supposed to have an idea of what comes next for my biz all the time… & right now… I just don’t.


I feel stuck. I feel burnt out. I feel uninspired. The writer’s block is real. The creative juices are not only not flowing, they currently feel completely dried up. & I feel this way across the board… with three of my business ventures. Because I’m so uncomfortable with being in this place, I’m having serious doubts about everything. Like, maybe I don’t have anything going for me at all?!


This is not a headspace I can afford to stay in for long… have you ever felt this way?


In an effort to force myself out of my funk, I’m trying a few things…

Changing my environment.

Weird SignedM. factoid: Mondays are my favorite day of the week. Actually, I really love a Sunday spent prepping for a great Monday, too. But Mondays are my day for working from home: no meetings, rarely a call, honestly not even a shower. I sit on my couch & I can crank through a to-do list. But I can’t work from home for long… I know I need social stimulation to keep my creative wheels spinning.


Here’s a kicker: I own a women’s workspace… The Dostal House is a beautiful, super girly, well-lit home-away-from-home office specifically designed (by me!) for women who need a space of their own to build their fempires… & I struggle hard to be creative there. It’s hard to work ON your business when you’re working IN your business sometimes. I get distracted by making sure the needs of the members are being met, running a load of hand towels, rearranging The Living Room, or trying to come up with a better layout for The Meeting Room. The space I created out of conviction for women to go & get work done… I can’t get work done in. Ironic, huh?


So when I’m really feeling stuck (like right now) I head to a coffee shop. I don’t have a favorite one to frequent & I’m not enough of a frothy beverage snob to choose one based on what they serve up. I just need a “buzz” in the environment. To see people holding meetings over coffee, working on their own, reconnecting with friends. Seeing the world around me socializing & spinning sometimes helps spark some new ideas.









Inline - 1

AirPods Pro

Listening to new podcasts.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge podcast listener. I want to be, I love the idea & concept of podcasts, but I also value silence so much…  & there are only so many hours in a day that a girl can get stuff done, & only so many moments she can soak up the silence.


BUT, especially when I change up my environment to get some work done, I love to pop in my AirPods & get lost in a business podcast. (Added bonus, people are less likely to interrupt my work flow when they notice I have headphones on!)


Some of my favorites to turn to:

The goop Podcast ~ GP is goods & I worship her, but not in a weird way. My girl crush is real, though. I love her. Chatting with leading thinkers, culture changers, & industry disruptors—from doctors to creatives, CEOs to spiritual healers—about shifting old paradigms & starting new conversations… I’m such a superfan. | Tune in here |

WORKPARTY Podcast ~ I’ve been to a Create & Cultivate conference (loved.) & I devoured the WORKPARTY book, & I feel like Jaclyn Johnson is just so dang relatable. Her story & my story are super similar, in how we got started & the hurdles we had to learn to jump. The creative energy she brings to everything she does just speaks to me, making this weekly podcast one that I turn to regularly. It breaks down the business of being a modern working women by tackling topics from negotiation, to honing your pitch, to creating that killer tagline. Tune in here |


Betch Slapped ~ because sometimes a girl just needs a good giggle! & I love the way the Betches’ exploit celebrity gossip, update you on the latest TV shows, give advice about love, friendship & careers, & share the latest news you should probably give a sh*t about.


Moving my body.

I talk about my fitness dedication a lot, & I work out for a lot of different reasons – but mostly, to maintain my peace. For me, fitness is about my spirit & my soul… more than it’s about the reps, sweat or anything else. & the end of 2019 + the holiday season = severe burnout, exhaustion, holidays parties & a lack of a routine. My morning workouts were regularly interrupted… & I attribute that to this slump I’m currently in, at least in part. So getting back to my daily grind in the gym is a top priority.

But when I feel that lack of creative energy & frustration building, I’ve got to shake it off. Yes, it’s cold outside… but grabbing Osman & bundling up for a quick walk around the neighborhood is can really help me to reset where my heads at. I think a little bit of fresh air always helps to stimulate a fresh mood & fresh ideas, too!


Giving myself grace.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that it’s O-freaking-K to not have it all figured out, or to struggle with clarity & direction for a hot minute, or to just not feel like grinding it out. Sometimes I need to embrace feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes I need to unplug & step away from screens for a little while. Sometimes I need to rest & reflect on what I’ve been working on & towards, to make sure I’m still invested in it for the right reasons. It’s really hard for me to do, but I need to give myself permission to recognize that it might be exactly what I need.

Sitting in prayer.

He never lets me down, y’all. I might not get answers immediately or even the ones that I want… but when I turn to Him, He always comes through. I can get all caught up in feeling like my prayers need to be more poetic, or I should get to know the Bible better… & leaning into the Word would do nothing but strengthen my faith, I know. But I also need to remember to just talk to God. & to make time for listening to Him, too.




What works for you, to move through feeling stuck?

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