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How To Get Over Jet Lag.

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Being out of the country for 16 days resulted in acclimating completely to a different time zone

& in spite of being home for a week… I’m still really struggling with jet lag!

My jet lag symptoms…

I travel a lot, & I wouldn’t give it up for anything. However, it is incredibly inconvenient to be so out of sync upon returning home for so long, after already being away for so long! Typically, jet lag only impacts me after a trip is over & my struggle is worse when I’ve crossed multiple time zones. When in Dubai, the time is 10 hours ahead of CST… so my days & nights are quite literally mixed up! Here are some of the symptoms of jet lag I struggle with the most:
  • My sleep schedule is o-f-f. I’m completely exhausted by 7pm & ready for bed. But by 2am, I’m wide awake & ready to start my day! I’ll lay awake for hours… tossing & turning… with my mind often going a million miles per hour!
  • I’m incredibly irritable. Typically, I’m a really good sleeper: I sleep hard & deep, & wake up feeling well-rested. I’m the kind of girl that needs her 8 hours to feel her best, & not having it results in my being short-tempered, easily irritated, & quick to get snappy. (I swear, Hubs has a special way of pressing my buttons during this time, too!)
  • The headaches are real. & constant. Partially to be blamed on the lack of sleep, & also likely to be a result of dehydration… with my schedule being so out of whack, I’m relying more on coffee & less on water.
  • I have absolutely no focused energy during the day (but the best business ideas ever at 2am!) & my anxiety is extra, even with my prescribed medication.

How I remedy my jet lag…

I’ve never noticed jet lag impacting me too much during my trips. Sometimes I struggle a bit to sleep well, but I think the adrenaline & excitement of being in a new place, with so much to do, drives me to hit the ground running & adjusting quickly. But coming home… whoa. It takes me weeks to recover. Who has time for that, right?! Here’s what I’ve found to help take the edge off of getting back to reality:

  • Melatonin is key. A natural sleep-inducer, the body actually starts to produce melatonin about two hours before bedtime. I take melatonin with dinner while on vacation, & I take melatonin with dinner when I return home.  Melatonin helps me to wind down & it helps me to adjust to differing time zones faster.
  • Sleep when you’re tired. Regardless of the time of day. I’ve tried forcing myself to stay awake until an appropriate bedtime, only to catch a second wind & find myself wide awake. I’m a self-titled nap queen… I genuinely love a good nap!… & if my days in jet lag recovery allow for me to sneak in a few minutes of shut eye when I feel myself dragging, I always take advantage.
  • Natural light & exercise. While D. loves to sleep in a room that is pitch black, I need to keep the curtains & blinds open to allow me to wake naturally with the sun rising. Otherwise I’ll continue sleeping… & sleeping… & sleeping the day away! I’ve noticed that getting up & getting in a morning workout helps to get my blood pumping & my energy levels up.
  • Diffuse essential oils. Lavender is often used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia & physical pain, & because of this, I love use it in my favorite nighttime diffuser blend. Four drops of Lemon + 3 drops of Lavender + 3 drops of Peppermint + 2 drops of Frankincense.




What have you found to work for you, for getting over jet lag? Comment below with your suggestions!

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