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How To Get Out Of A Cold Weather Rut.

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The end of winter is near… (t minus 30 days until the first day of Spring)…

&, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling a little stir crazy & downright OVER these grey days. My mood & my motivation could both use a little more sunshine! Living in Iowa, I am one of many who falls victim to terrible seasonal depression. I’m one of those people whose mood is extremely susceptible to change based on my environment and the time of day. While I certainly still have my days where the winter blues get the best of me, I’ve slowly but surely learned ways to manage this.


Here are a few things that have really helped me find a sense of calm when I’m anxiously awaiting summertime.

“Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down. You may be having an endless conversation about the small or big things in life – or just be comfortable in each other’s silent company – or simply just be by yourself enjoying a cup of tea.” – The Little Book Of Hygge, Meik Wiking.

Lean into Hygge, hard.

“Hygge” is a Danish word meaning a quality of coziness & comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Translation: make your living space & life cozy AF. I love to come home after a day of running around in the crazy cold & soaking in a hot epsom salt bath with essential oils, complete with a big glass of red wine & a good book or playlist.

Just keep moving.

When the alarm goes off & it’s still dark outside, it can be really difficult to toss off the covers & head to the gym. But I’ve never finished a workout & thought I should have stayed in bed.

One of my favorite ways to warm up is to move. Our bodies get so tense & tight from being less active during the colder months,  a sweaty workout first thing every day just feels good. Even if my first thought every morning is “what can I cancel today so I can stay in bed,” it always helps beat the blues, warm me up, & get those endorphins going. Lately I’ve been wrapping up my workouts with a cup of coffee & a short meditation. This always helps me keep the good post-workout vibes going a little bit longer.



Organize your indoors.

I’ve tackled my closet this winter, & next on my list is my home office! I find the colder months to be the perfect time to clean out, organize, de-clutter my entire house… one room at a time. The sense of accomplishment is an instant mood boost, & I have a fresh perspective when everything has it’s place & is in it’s place.



Take a TV timeout.

Hubs & I have a habit of winding down at the end of the day by catching up on our favorite shows… & it’s so tempting to stay cuddled together in bed on a Sunday, & Netflix binge the day away. While this feels really good & comforting in the moment, I’ve noticed that with too much tv time I start to feel groggy & uninspired. Taking a TV timeout to do something different… perhaps reading a book aloud together, playing a card game, or going bowling with friends (seriously, when was the last time you did that?!)… always leaves me feeling more like the best version of myself.



How are you fighting cabin fever during these dog days of winter?

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