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How I Style My Quarantine Curls.

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‘Tis the season when the humidity rises & I start to let my hair’s natural texture take over.

I have naturally curly hair, & sometimes I forget this… extensions make this possible to do. Since removing my invisible bead extensions in quarantine, I’ve been letting my hair do it’s preferred thing. Life is just easier this way!


I’ve wrestled with my natural texture my entire life… creating curls that are pretty – not too crunchy, not too frizzy, not too uneven – can be incredibly difficult, frustrating, & expensive as you try to find products you love!


So for my girls with the curls who want to give their hair a heat break, here’s how I style my quarantine curls:

R+Co CASSETTE Curl Shampoo View 1 of 1

R+Co CASSETTE Curl Conditioner View 1 of 1

step one.

I switch my shampoo & conditioner to ones formulated specifically for curly hair. This duo by R+Co, CASSETTE, is currently my favorite. The curl-enhancing shampoo is designed to gently cleanse while maintaining & defining the shape of your curl… while the moisturizing daily conditioner makes curls softer, smoother & more defined.

TWISTER Curl Primer

R+Co TURN TABLE Curl Defining Creme View 1 of 1

step two.

Here’s the trick: do not brush your hair. Finger combing is OK, but do NOT touch brush to head!

The first product I put on my hair is a R+Co’s curl primer, TWISTER, which adds moisture for definition & prevents hair from feeling crunchy. I finger comb this through, starting about an inch from my roots & running it through the ends.

Next I add the curl defining creme, TURN TABLE… running it through my hair the same way: not at my roots – but close – through the ends. I like to keep my roots clean, so as not to weigh my hair down.

dyson - Supersonic Hair Dryer 23.75 Karat Gold

step three.

Flip the hair over & diffuse until 80% dry. I don’t dry completely, in order to help keep the curls’ shape & to cut down on frizzy flyaways. Also, I use the low-heat & lowest speed settings on my Dyson hair dryer.

T3 - Twirl Trio Interchangeable Clip Curling Iron Set: 1”, 1.25”, 1.5” allure 2019 Best of Beauty Award Winner

step four.

Flip head right-side-up & finger comb hair to lay in desired place. Occasionally I’ll take a curling 1″ iron to the top layer & around my face to correct a few curls, if I’m having a bad curl day.


R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray View 1 of 1

step five.

Once I have my curls laying the directions I want them, I go through & spray UNITE Hair’s TEXTURIZA spray at the roots through mid-shaft. This gives my clean hair a bit of grit, adding volume & texture at the roots. Finger comb & rough up at the roots.

Finish off with a layer of R+Co’s OUTER SPACE flexible hair spray, & I do my best to keep my hands off my hair from there!





OK, curly girls… now I need to know: what are you’re must-have curl products to tame your tresses?!

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