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Hot Air Balloon Ride.

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hot air balloon ride
hot air balloon
hot air balloon

Since sharing snippets of our hot air balloon ride in Sedona, I’ve had lots of questions about the experience!

So I’m here to answer the most frequently asked…


Did you feel safe?

Extremely! I was initially concerned about motion sickness, as I had forgotten to take Dramamine before we took off … but was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the ride was the entire time & how sturdy the basket felt. You could hardly even tell you were moving!

How high did the balloon go?

We were told that we topped out at a height of around 5000 feet.

Were you scared?

I never even had nervous flutters, & that surprised me! My biggest fear in life is injury & the idea of being 5000 feet above the ground would certainly cause significant damage if one fell – however, the thought (surprisingly!) never crossed my mind during the ride.


Was it what you expected?

Yes & no. I’ve always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride & knew the views over the red rocks from above would be unlike anything able to be seen from the ground. What I didn’t expect was how warm the ride was! I assumed that, with the elevation, I’d feel cold & dressed in layers. I never considered the giant flame that would be directly above me the entire flight & I actually found myself uncomfortably warm!


Would you do it again?

In a heartbeat! There was something so serene & peaceful about taking in the beauty of the landscape from the sky – it was relaxing & almost meditative. I would definitely recommend a ride & plan on ballooning again.




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