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a Gift Guide for the Influencer.

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influencer gift guide

‘Tis the season for filling out wishlists…

& I’m the first to admit: every single year I struggle with what the heck to ask for, for Christmas. So when I give little for Hubs to go on, well I’m just gonna be honest here: it’s a complete let down on Christmas morn. Now, I can honestly say that, maybe it’s getting older (#adulting)… but I get so much enjoyment out of the act of hunting for the perfect gift to give to those on my gift giving list, that my “Dear Santa” letter is always an afterthought. Moral of this story: when I take the time to help Hubs out… just a little… the time spent after the holidays standing in customer service lines to return botched gifts given is instead spent snuggling in front of the fireplace, basking in the Christmas spirit.


This year, in an attempt to help Hubs out… just a little… &, to inspire you with great gift ideas to ask for & give, I’ll be delivering SignedM. curated Gift Guides directly to your inbox. Up first: the Gift Guide for the Influencer in your life!


Happy Holiday Shopping, Lovelies!

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