Fitness Goals: the 2018 version.

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fitness goals
fitness goals

I’m a huge believer in “health is wealth,” and trust that the better the care I give my body, the better it will take care of me. Therefore, health and fitness have been a priority in my life for… geez… a really long time now! (I think I’m getting old… but I’m in complete denial about it. lol!) Starting the new year with fitness goals is a no-brainer for me, but with workouts being a part of my daily routine I tend to get a bit more specific and creative when setting them.


True confession: I, like so many teens, struggled with a really unhealthy body image during my high school years. I am 6 foot tall, and didn’t break 100lbs until I was 17 years old… and I cried actual tears of disappointment when it happened. I convinced myself that I couldn’t eat in front of people for some strange reason, so I didn’t eat lunch at school… but I also am incredibly competitive and really didn’t like my step-father, so I made sure that I kept up with him at the dinner table. *shrug* I had a super high metabolism and could eat like a horse while still looking ridiculously underweight… I was teased for being anorexic and secretly thrived on the attention… and I was completely obsessed with maintaining my extremely skinny girl status.


And then I went to college, got a job, started adulting and (thankfully!) outgrew my need for this unhealthy form of attention. I literally packed so much into my life outside of high school that my body image issues and skinny obsession sort of disappeared on their own. A side effect of this: I gained a bunch of weight. (dun-dun-dun…) Not cool. During college, I struggled significantly with figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up and being such a small fish in a gigantic pond at the University of Iowa, but I really (really!) enjoyed the food hall that came with my room & board! Over the next few years my weight yo-yo’ed, as my commitment to a healthy lifestyle ebbed and flowed… until I passed through those really awkward and exciting years of being 18-22. Subsequential to this time, I found myself in a more “normal-looking” adult life and made my way back to the gym, and my addiction to fitness ensued.


And the rest is history, folks. I. Love. Working. Out. I’ve done it all… the bootcamps, the kickboxing, the HIIT programs, the spin classes, the yoga classes, the pilates studios, the mega-reformers, the barre classes, the personal trainers… and I loved them all. I still love them all. Fitness is my obsession. I love pushing my body and seeing what I’m capable of, what changes I can make (yup… complete control-freak!), and it feeds the competitive spirit inside me. Reading about and researching different trending workouts and diets, supplements and vitamins, became a past-time for me. My workouts have become my therapy… my reason for getting up in the morning, and how I start my days. Missed days equal “off” days… productivity suffers, mentally I struggle, and emotionally I start to beat myself up. Yes, I probably replaced my obsession with being a super skinny girl with obsessing over being a super fit girl… but listen, Judgmental Judy: I really like pizza. So it all balances out!

fitness goals
fitness goals

Fitness Goals: 2018


A lot of people commit to getting fit at the start of the new year. If you’re a gym go-er, you hate this. The place is packed, the classes are crammed, and your routine is thrown. Committing to a regular workout routine is a great resolution to make and I’m cheering you on, if this is you! However, my fitness routine is set in stone for me. lol! So my fitness goals need to look a little bit different. I love lifting weights… the heavier, the better! The soreness from lactic acid buildup in my muscles is something I really truly enjoy. (Sick, right?! haha!) However, I’m finding that lifting so much is taking a toll on my body… (at least this is what I’m telling myself, as I continue to live in denial about getting older!) I’m starting to have aches and pains that are not of the enjoyable earned kind.


Now, I hate cardio. Despise it. If you see me running, you’d better take off too… because something bad is going down! Raising my heart rate to the point of extreme discomfort sounds like pure torture, and I do my best to avoid it at all costs. The only forms of cardio I have found tolerable are kick-boxing (it feels really good to hit something hard sometimes!) and spin classes (I love getting lost in the loud music and sick beat!). However, in the spirit of keeping a growth mindset, I am committing to a goal of stepping up my cardio game in 2018! 


That’s right, I’m doing it! While I’m not making promises to become best friends with the treadmill, and you probably won’t see me out pounding the pavement in running gear… I am committing to a more regular cardio routine! So here’s my goal: a minimum of 3 spin classes a week. ???? No excuses! I’m putting it on my calendar, and forcing myself to schedule around them! Travel is no excuse… turns out, there are really amazing spin studios in just about ever major city, there’s no reason why I can’t check them out! So, here’s to embracing my distaste for all things cardio… I’m going for it!


And another goal… because I think it would be extremely beneficial to my mental well-being just as much as my physical… Yoga once a week. I struggle with yoga. I tend to be a wound tight, hyperactive, overwhelmed and anxious person by nature… so slowing down, freeing myself from all thoughts, listening to my body and elongating my muscles sounds like it should be fabulous, so I’m going to test this out. One night a week. It’s time to discover my inner yogi, and a calmer, more peaceful way of life!



Are you setting any fitness-related goals in 2018?! If so, I want to hear about them! Let’s keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable all year long!








fitness goals
fitness goals
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  • Alannah

    I’m with you on getting more fit! I’ll have to keep up with you to stay motivated to look as great as you!!!

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