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How To Fight Static Hair This Winter.

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static hair
static hair

Every single winter I feel personally victimized by static electricity. 

Both in my clothes & in my hair. Once cold weather arrives & winter hits in Iowa, a hat & scarf become essential… but a girl could do without the uncontrollable flyaway hair!


Keep reading, for the tips & tricks I rounded up to help us fight static hair this winter:

static hair

Use a Moisturizing Shampoo.

The winter season is dry-dry-dry, making it extra important to use hydrating hair products in an effort to tame the static & prevent breakage. ILES FORMULA Haute Performance Shampoo immediately detangles + repairs + protects hair while providing manageability & a luscious silky texture.

Add a Hair Oil.

I run a nourishing oil through my hair when it’s damp, since the extra moisture will help prevent static once it’s dry. I’ve used this Kerastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile hair oil for over a year now, & the lightweight, hydrating formula doesn’t make hair slick, greasy, or feel weighed down.

Invest in an Ionic Blow Dryer.

I am obsessed with my Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Hubs gifted me this last Christmas, & my hair game has never been the same! It’s light, dries hair quickly (which is super important, with extensions!), & the negative ions help reduce static in my hair. Yes, it’s pricey… but, it’s worth it. Remember this when you write Santa your letter this year!

Clean Your Hairbrushes.

Or, replace them… you choose. This is important to do on a regular basis with a clarifying soap, to help remove product build-up… which is contributing to the static in your hair. I tend to replace my hairbrushes on a ridiculously regular basis, because I melt the bristles & at the first sign of tugging through my tangles, it’s time for a new one! But, I have had the same round brush for quite some time. I don’t use it every day… because I’m not coordinated enough to give myself a great blowout, but I do love to try to get that good volume in the crown of my head at least!

Use a Finishing Serum.

A hair product I could never live without: a texturizing spray. Since texturing products typically contain alcohol, I’m actually drying my hair out when I use it in winter. Add in the fact that extension hair doesn’t have the same natural oils as your own hair, & the need for a finishing cream becomes obvious. Running a tiny bit of a finishing cream through my ends can quickly eliminate static, & I’m a huge fan of ILES FORMULA.

What other tried & true tips & tricks that are great at fighting static hair? Comment below!

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