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Fall Layers.

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spring sweater

Fall fashion is all about layers.

One of my favorite things about dressing for fall is layering. Not only for warmth without the bulk of winter garb, but for the depth to a look & the statement that one can make. While there are no rules for how to layer correctly, here are some of my favorite ways to execute the layered look:

spring sweater
spring sweater

1. Mixing Textures.

Fall is the perfect season for mixing all the textures. Layering a chunky knit over a silky midi slip dress is so effortlessly chic, & a great mix of contrasting textures. I’m really into monochromatic dressing right now, & sticking with a single solid color puts all of the focus on the details in the differing materials.

2. Turtlenecks

Under everything… but my fave is under a v-neck cashmere sweater.

3. Over the Shoulder

I am a blazer-loving girl, no doubt. I have more than I can count, & I can’t stop won’t stop adding them to my closet. I think it a blazer thrown over your shoulders instantly elevates any look & gives is a little extra chic touch.


I’m also really into cardigan sweaters this season. Worn the same way: unbuttoned & thrown over the shoulder, just like a jacket… or, buttoned up over a turtleneck or silk blouse. Fitted & oversized, solid or striped… I’m loving them all!

4. Layer Up with Accessories

Layers on layers of chunky chains & statement pendants is nothing new, but layering these over a button blouse, over a turtleneck takes this hot summer accessory trend & makes it just right into fall.

The trick to layering necklaces? Start with your statement piece as your base. Coins have been trending & I’m a big fan. Let it be your focal point & build from there. Next, play with texture by mixing & matching different style chains so each individual piece stands out. Lastly, length is key. Layer different length chains to let each pendant necklace to add depth & definition to each piece.

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