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Everything You Need to Know About Shopping Luxury Resale.

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There are few things I love more than a really good handbag – & a really good handbag should last forever.

While I once treasured my bags & saved them for special occasions, I’ve grown to embrace the wear-them-daily way of life. The more loved & used my bags are, the more character they have – & memories! The new year has me on a “purge & prize” kind of kick with my collection – purge the bags I no longer love-love-love & prize the bags that I have the fondest memories with … which also has me researching bags I wish to potentially replace them with – something new, or new to me. Vintage bags have been catching my eye lately – the character that comes from natural wear & age is gorgeous – but with so many fakes out there, one must be prudent & careful about how she shops.


Whether you are buying or selling designer pieces, it is most important to start with a reputable source. I’ve had a close relationship with The Bag Broker for a few years now & find the owner, Skylar, to be incredibly knowledgable when it comes to designer pieces. Below are her tips for shopping pre-loved & vintage pieces:

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vintage chanel

The Bag Broker’s Authenticity Tips:

1.) Shop smart. Investigate the seller & make sure they are well reviewed &  guarantee authenticity with certificate or a money back option. Pro Tip: Only purchase from a source you know you can trust, who takes authenticity as seriously as you. If shopping with someone you’re not sure you trust, ask if you can pay for prior authentication before purchasing.


2.) Ask questions. Any seller should easily be able to answer questions in a timely manner & send more photos, if requested, so you know exactly what you’re getting – keep in mind, most resale is final sale. Shopping local & in person is ideal, as touching & feeling an item can give you confidence you need to purchase.


3.) Trust your gut. Actual bags are deconstructed & copied, stitch for stitch, to make fakes – meaning, they’re really really good. Often, the only way to distinguish these fakes from the real deal is to take them in your hands & feel for markers of quality. Does the leather feel cheap? Is the bag oddly light? If so, don’t buy – your gut knows what’s up!


4.) It’s the little things. More tips for spotting fakes: check the small details. The stitching should be straight, the engraving on the hardware should be smooth, & the hardware itself should not look cheap or like plastic. Zippers are often a dead giveaway – this is a small detail, but it’s one fakes often get wrong.


5.) If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You can *always* authenticate before purchasing! Ask the reseller what services they offer to give you final peace of mind. Don’t fall victim to great sales tactics, trust but verify!


Some final tips when shopping pre-loved versus vintage:


There is a major difference between a vintage bag & a used bag – while it was once the rule that a for a bag to be considered officially vintage, it had to be at least 20 years old. Now a bag 10 years or older can be termed vintage.


Lastly, it’s tough to find collectibles – remember this when shopping, but if you do stumble upon something & it’s a smart price, jump on it. Keep it in near-pristine condition & then you can sell it for a nice profit 10 years later!


About The Bag Broker:

The Bag Broker is a reseller of authentic luxury. Whether you purchase or consign with us, you are helping to support “slow fashion”. Slow fashion is about buying higher quality designs that are more timeless than trendy & last for years. Slow fashion is sustainable, not disposable. Buying preloved or consigning keeps fashion in circulation & out of our landfills. 



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  • Anne

    Love this article, and very timely. Do you have any experience with the website TheRealReal? We visited their store in NYC in 2019, and seems legitimate, and wanted to order from their website. Thanks!

    • Meegan Hofmeister

      Yes I do!! I actually *just* purchased a bag from them – it just arrived last week! I definitely trust them; they are happy to answer any questions you have about any products & are quick to respond. Very impressed & happy with my purchase!

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