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Everything Currently Sitting In My ZARA Cart.

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ZARA has a permanent spot on my “most frequently visited sites” list & at any given moment, my shopping cart is full.


While I have no problem splurging on classic timeless pieces – & handbags & shoes – you may be surprised to find my “trendier” pieces to frequently be relatively inexpensive.


Here’s everything currently in my ZARA cart:




I am loving the fringe fall trend! I’m on the list to be notified as soon as this piece is stocked & I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be quick enough to snag it, because I can see it styled so many different ways!



  • by day: open as a jacket, over wide-leg-jeans & a white tee, with sneakers
  • by night: as a dress, with over-the-knee boots



Faux Leather.

My love with leather (faux & real – don’t come at me about this!) is a long running one – when I die, I request to be buried in it. Nothing compares to the way lush, high quality leather feels on the body – but a good faux is guilt-free for both the heart & the handbag!


The color of this Olive Leather Dress (100% sheep) is what I’m so obsessed with. Black leather is expected, but this olive color is both still-a-neutral & a great pop-of-color … I mean, this is what “color” for me looks like, anyway …



  • by day: pair with a semi-sheer black tight, a sweater coat, & lug-soled boots
  • by night: wear with heeled over-the-knee boots & add a clutch


I’ve really been into total tonal dressing lately, so this matchy-matchy set speaks to my soul. Pair with a pointy-toe bootie or a square-toe strappy heel & you’re girls-night-out ready.

WFH wear.

It’s like the more chic & Instagram Influencer version of footie pajamas. & I’m here for it. I’d Zoom in this for sure.


More tonal. CHECK.

More WFH wear. CHECK.

Pair with slippers, top knot & a cup of coffee … or, strappy heels & a smokey eye.


Pretty much pajamas you can wear out & about. Pair with loafers.

Image 2 of BASIC SWEATSHIRT from Zara

Image 2 of PLUSH JOGGING PANTS from Zara


Image 1 of PLUSH JOGGING PANTS from Zara

Image 3 of HOODED PADDED VEST from Zara

Quilted & Puffy.

Because it’s that time of year in Iowa when you want another layer … but a coat can quickly get too warm. & one can never own too many puffy vests! I snagged this last year in black & wore it all the time. The longer length is everything & it keeps you so much warmer!


Wear this hooded padded vest over a black turtleneck, black leggings & black pointed-toe-booties, to make it chic.

Image 4 of PADDED VEST from Zara


ZARA makes the best coats! & honestly, how many coats does a girl really need … but when cold weather temps take up 6 months out of the year here, a coat becomes my #1 accessory!


At ZARA prices, I don’t feel bad about purchasing a new statement coat every year – & every other year, I try to make it a habit to purge what I no longer love & donate them!


& because holiday parties are just around the corner …



What do you guys think – do you like it when I share what I’m shopping for? Should I do more posts like this?

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  • Cat

    Hi! What size did you order in the Zara Fringed Leather overshirt? I ordered 2 sizes 😳.

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