Dry January.

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dry january

I’m kicking off 2019 with a new tradition: Dry January. 


I absolutely love the holiday season, & I celebrate from Halloween until New Years Day. From Friendsgivings & Thanksgiving traditions to holiday parties & ringing in the new year, as well as tailgating on Saturdays & Sunday Fundays… it’s safe to say I wrap up the last quarter of the year in full party mode!

dry january
dry january
dry january

Why I’m having a Dry January…

Dry January is is an annual tradition for many people, but not one that I’ve participated in before… & to be honest, I decided to give it a go simply because I feel like all I’ve done lately is drink, drink, drink! Don’t get me wrong… I love an adult beverage & I’m not here to judge! For some, it’s part of a New Year’s resolution to drink less, while others claim it’s a way to “detox” from excessive drinking over the holidays—but all swear that it’s going to do beneficial things for their health.


So, what health benefits can I reasonably expect from my Dry January?

I did a little research on what is reasonable for me to expect from taking the month off from booze & how much impact it will realistically have on my body, & here’s what I found:


My overall health may improve. Yep, thanks to our middle school health class, we all know that excessive drinking is serious negative health outcomes, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, & even cancer. Understandably, I don’t expect taking a month off to turn back the hands of time & make up for my past partying… but taking a little time off likely won’t hurt!


Seeing how I feel without booze. I’m mostly looking to hit the reset button & get my system back on track. After my no-holds indulgence over the holidays, I’m looking to cut back down on my drinking in general.


I miss my workouts. Confession: I’ve been terrible about sticking to my regular workout routine for months now… & I’m not loving what that, in combination with the holiday treats & drinking, means for how my body looks. I’m hoping that taking this month off from late nights spent cocktailing will result in sleeping better… & I’m refusing to allow myself to sleep in & skip the sweat session! It’s time to reset my routine here, as well.


I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired. It’s almost worth betting on: when I have late night after late night, I will wind up sick. It happened around 30… after a late night binger I am just about guaranteed to find myself under the weather within a few days. I’m a terrible sick person. Not only do I feel completely cruddy, but being sick on the couch for a day or two also leaves my mental health in a lower state & I can really struggle to shake that off.


I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds post holiday… Like I mentioned, I haven’t been all that diligent about sticking to my workouts. I also haven’t paid any attention to eating healthy. So yes, I have put on a little weight. My skinny jeans are feeling a little extra skinny these days &, given that the standard alcoholic beverage has around 150 calories, I’m hoping that giving up alcohol for a month will help shed me a few pounds in the process.


Maybe, just maybe, I’ll reevaluate my relationship with alcohol. I don’t foresee myself giving up alcohol completely, but I definitely recognize that my drinking has been a little more excessive than I’m comfortable with. I’m not beating myself up about it because it was the holidays, after all, & I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life… but I’m more than ready to cut back!



Have you ever participated in Dry January? What kind of experience did you have? Did you experience any of these benefits or others?


dry january
dry january
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