Dry January Date Nights.

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I’m attempting to have a Dry January…

The soiree season hit me hard & I felt as though my liver was screaming at me, begging for a detoxing break. For the last few years I’ve chosen to jump on the bandwagon & stay dry in January. & every year it makes me realize how often I have casual cocktails for the sake of being social.


D. has now been sober for a year (yay, Hubs! I’m so proud of you!), & his change in lifestyle, combined with my temporary time off from the cocktails, has really forced us to think creatively about things to do that don’t involve drinks for date nights.

So I’ve rounded up a list of outside-of-the-box options, when you’re attempting to dry out, too.


Dinner & Mocktails.

Ok, ok… this one isn’t exactly “outside of the box”… in fact, it couldn’t be more “within the lines,” right?! So I’ve got two directions to go here:


Try a new restaurant.

Going out for dinner is a go-to date night all year round… but it becomes even more of our fall-back plan in winter. The cold weather really puts a damper on some of our date night options!


Experiment with mocktail recipes.

A night in, ordering take-out & getting crafty with creating cocktails, sans to booze, & a killer play list is sure be a good time!


Movie Night In.

Complete with popcorn & your favorite movie theater snacks. For me, that’s Reese’s Pieces & Sour Patch Kids. For D., it’s malted milk balls & Diet Coke. Take turns picking out favorite movies the other hasn’t seen yet, new & old, can be really fun!

We finally furnished our basement theater room… it only took us 4 years… & lately it’s been our favorite space to curl up & get cozy in!


Take a Cooking Class.

We’ve talked about doing this together for years! D. is always the one who makes dinner in our house, & (he says) he enjoys it… the entire process of preparing a meal to provide for your loved ones & then sitting down & sharing it. I don’t get it, personally… I could easily do like Carrie Bradshaw & use my oven for storing sweaters… but the idea of taking a class & learning to prepare a meal together is just sweet, isn’t it?!


Game Night.

Cards. Chess. Cattan. What’s Your Meme? Scrabble… Clue… you choose! Playing games is something I grew up doing & they are some of my favorite memories. I’m fully aware that I’ll very likely crave a big glass of pinot noir with this one, but I’m committed to giving it a shot with sparkling water (or one of those newly created mocktails!), instead.


A Night at the Museum.

Confession: there are multiple museums in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City… & I’ve been to exactly none of them. It’s such a shame, as it’s one of my favorite things to do when we visit new cities! Life goes on & on as usual, the grind of daily life – #adulting – at home & I fail to take advantage of being a tourist in the city I call home!


Go Bowling.

Seriously… when was the last time you bowled?! Sure, renting shoes that 900 other people’s feet have been in is nasty… which is why bowling & beer go together so well… but bring your own pair of socks, indulge in some greasy bar food for the night, & laugh at each other as you handle heavy balls! A little competition always makes for a good time…


Read a Book Together.

Like, out loud. (What?!) Yes. Doesn’t it sound romantic to lay in bed together, taking turns reading passages of poetry?! Or, a book on relationships… a devotional… Hubs & I can get stuck in a rut, crawling into bed & flipping on the tv. Having a book to discuss together, to better your marriage together, to grow closer together… seems pretty romantic to me!




Are you having a Dry January? What date night ideas do you have planned?!

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