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Accountability in 2021.

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(noun) the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.



I’m not saying I’m subscribing to the whole “New Year, New You” mentality, but accountability is key for me when chasing down goals & creating new habits!


My “resolution” for 2021 is to revisit my routines – because they all went out the dang window in 2020 & I’m a much better person/wife/friend/etc. when I have structure in my life.


One of my routines I need to reinstate has to do with my physical health & fitness. If you’ve followed me long, you know how much I rely on my daily workouts to help keep my anxiety in check, to set my mood for the day, & to help keep my super-control-freak tendencies at a reasonable level by controlling how I look. Yet, I found myself half-assing or altogether skipping my beloved sweat sessions in the last quarter of last year.



So, because a goal without a plan to achieve it is just a dream, I’m leaning on YOU – my community of followers – to help me get back on track! Who wants to be on my accountability team?! Here’s what I’m thinking:


At the beginning of each month, I’ll take to my Instagram Stories to announce a new fitness goal, personally, & I’ll invite you to join me. (Make sure you follow me on Instagram!) I’ll add you to my private Facebook Group, “SignedM.’s 21 in 21” where I will post daily check-ins, ask for progress reports, share tips & tricks that are helping me, offer words of encouragement (& whine & complain when I’m having an off day), & it’s highly likely there will be a funny meme or two.  


January’s Goal : 21 super sweaty cardio sessions*!

*must be 30 minutes or longer

**mine will be done via my Peloton, but yours don’t have to!


Alright, so who’s IN for a little accountability?! COMMENT BELOW, DM ME ON IG, or EMAIL ME ( to let me know you’re IN! Let’s crush our goals in 2021, one month at a time, shall we?!



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