About - SignedM

Hey there!

I’m Meegan Hofmeister (that’s “Megan,” with 2 “e’s”), a Midwest-based digital content creator, superfan of delicious wine, & real life + style blogger.

I stumbled into creating this blog by way of journaling about my thoughts, feelings, opinions & ideas in an online format about life as a struggling entrepreneur – the blog became my therapy. Caught up in my feelings during this time, I was conveniently & forgetfully unaware that my blog was attached to the mailing list of my failing business … &, wouldn’t you know it, 1800 local women were getting my dramatics delivered right to their inbox on the regular!

This convenient mistake became one I was eventually grateful for when I started hearing from other women business owners who were riding the same emotional roller coaster as I was – I continued writing as life continued happening, & eventually settled on the SignedM. brand being one based on my real life, my love for fashion, obsession with fitness, strong desire to travel, cravings for wine, &, well, anything else that seems fitting in the moment!


What started as self-guided therapy became a hobby, & then that hobby became a viable business. SignedM. is me. SignedM. is a diary of my daily outfits. SignedM. is my regular fitness regimens, travel diaries, life experiences & the advice I give from learning things my way (which is typically also the hard way!).

Style is my self love language, my sense of self expression, an obsession & an art form. I loved playing dress up in my grandmother’s vintage dresses as a girl, & I still love playing dress up in the fitting rooms of designer boutiques. From the history of the brand, the inspiration behind the designs, to the looks as they walk down the runway & make their way to the racks – I love the fashion industry & the stories it tells.


Travel is another obsession of mine. I’m in love with places I’ve never been and people I’ve never met. Exploring different cultures, new cities and unknown foods is my absolute favorite thing in the world! There’s nothing you can buy in life that makes you richer, except for travel.  I want to see it all, do it all, taste it all, and experience it all.

My workouts are what get me out of bed in the morning. Quite literally, actually. My sweat sessions set the tone for how I face my day. Taking care of my body, and exploring its limits is exciting for me. Perhaps its my control tendencies… but I really enjoy the challenge of seeing how far I can push my body, and what it can do.

Other than that, I’m married to a pretty good guy whom I definitely think is kinda cute. & he definitely thinks he’s really funny … 😉. While I’ve never believed in “soul mates,” my husband makes it his top priority to bring out the best in me, while always pushing me to find an even better level – (he knows how to bring out the worst, too, but he’s usually smart enough to avoid that side of me … experience is such a great teacher.) I’m a girl full of great big crazy business ideas & a strong drive to change the world for the better, & he loves me enough to provide real, honest feedback & his unconditional support in every decision I make.

Together, we have *the cutest* little fur family: Osman is our wire fox terrier pup & also the cutest, smartest, best boy who’s ever lived … & he has three crazy (sometimes cool, but mostly just hairy – really, really hairy) cat siblings.

D. & I’s life together is new & exciting each & every day – & I suppose that’s how it goes with two creative entrepreneurial spirits. We’re here for all the ups & downs, lefts & rights of this crazy thing we call life, as long as we can ride it out together.

I’m honored & humbled by the fact that you find me interesting enough to check out my space – so thank you for making me feel cool! & I love-love-love hearing from like-minded individuals, as well as collaborating with amazing people – feel free to pop into my inbox (meegan@signedm.com) any time!




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