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Hey there!

I’m Meegan Hofmeister (that’s “Megan,” with 2 “e’s”), a Midwest-based digital content creator, superfan of delicious wine, & real life + style blogger.

I stumbled into creating this blog by way of journaling about my thoughts, feelings, opinions & ideas in an online format about life as a struggling entrepreneur – the blog became my therapy. Caught up in my feelings during this time, I was conveniently & forgetfully unaware that my blog was attached to the mailing list of my failing business … &, wouldn’t you know it, 1800 local women were getting my dramatics delivered right to their inbox on the regular!

This convenient mistake became one I was eventually grateful for when I started hearing from other women business owners who were riding the same emotional roller coaster as I was – I continued writing as life continued happening, & eventually settled on the SignedM. brand being one based on my real life, my love for fashion, obsession with fitness, strong desire to travel, cravings for wine, &, well, anything else that seems fitting in the moment!

Who is “M.”?

What started as self-guided therapy became a hobby, & then that hobby became a viable business. M. is me: an Aries by every stereotypical characteristic, an Enneagram 8w7 (which means I’m going to save the world, then thrive being in the spotlight for doing so), I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s full of big ideas – who loves the creation & startup phase, but loses interest in the growth phase. I’m a girl who’s motivated by making memories, new friends, & most importantly, a difference. I’m outspoken, opinionated, direct & passionate. That is who M. is, & she is ME.

SignedM. is an expression of me in my daily life: a diary of my daily outfits, regular posts of my workouts, & a growing collection of travel diaries. SignedM. is about my life experiences & the thoughts/ideas/advice I have to give from learning by doing – my way.

One of these days I’m gonna decide what my favorite quote is & insert it HERE …



I often find that my inspiration runs richest when traveling. I live for visiting places I’ve never been & meeting people I’ve never met. Travel is my preferred form of self care – & the only time I truly “unplug.” Exploring different cultures, new cities, unknown foods – while putting literal distance between my daily life & routine – is when I am able to gain the best perspective of where I’m at & where I’m wanting to go. There’s nothing you can buy in life that makes you richer, except for travel – & I’ll accept every opportunity to do so, for expanding my horizons is my motivator!



While I’d likely never use the word “athletic” to describe myself, I do love a hard sweat session, & my commitment to physical fitness is unwavering. My workouts help keep my anxiety in check. I figure I’ve been given this one body to carry me through this life – & I plan to make the most of this life, so I’d better take care of this body. My workouts are my “me time,” when I push myself physically & challenge myself personally – & I’m a better version of myself when I stick to a regular routine.

life in general.

It’s funny – as open as I am about my life in general, the one thing I don’t typically share about on my platforms is my life as an entrepreneur … which is extra ironic, because that’s how this whole online outlet started for me. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I’ve started & stopped multiple businesses, & learned more about myself in doing so than in doing anything else in my life. It’s funny – owning your own business brings out new levels to yourself that you never knew existed. Just when you think you’ve got nothing left to give … you discover you’re more resilient & resourceful than you’d previously known otherwise. 

My world revolves around social media, no matter how you look at it. Outside of SignedM., I work as a learning facilitator at Kirkwood Community College, where I teach courses on social media marketing & strategy. In addition, much of my time is dedicated to working as a freelance social marketing strategist – I’ve consulted with dozens of small businesses, helping them develop social media strategies that support their business goals, as well as serving as director of marketing for several nonprofits & political campaigns. 


Other than that, I’m married to a pretty good guy whom I definitely think is kinda cute. & he definitely thinks he’s really funny … 😉. I’m a girl full of great big crazy business ideas & a strong drive to change the world for the better, & he loves me enough to provide real, honest feedback & his unconditional support in every decision I make.

Together, we have *the cutest* little fur family: Osman is our wire fox terrier pup & also the cutest, smartest, best boy who’s ever lived … & he has three crazy (sometimes cool, but mostly just hairy – really, really hairy) cat siblings.

D. & I’s life together is new & exciting each & every day – & I suppose that’s how it goes with two creative entrepreneurial spirits. We’re here for all the ups & downs, lefts & rights of this crazy thing we call life, as long as we can ride it out together.

I’m honored & humbled by the fact that you find me interesting enough to check out my space – so thank you for making me feel cool! & I love-love-love hearing from like-minded individuals, as well as collaborating with amazing people – feel free to pop into my inbox (meegan@signedm.com) any time!




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