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6 Face Masks I’m Currently Obsessed With

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One of my favorite ways to indulge in self care is adding a really good face mask to my skin care routine.

& with so many face masks available on the market, it can be incredibly overwhelming to find one that really works.


We’ve all experienced the disappointment of a mask with mediocre results, so to save you both time & money, here are 6 of my current crushes that have unbelievable results.


While each mask offers many results, I broke my faves down into 3 major categories: exfoliation, hydration & glow.


Exfoliation is a critical part of skincare as it gets rid of any old skin, & reveals newer, brighter skin. It truly allows all your products to work their magic.

I tend to struggle with oily skin & while some say this is a blessing, as it staves off wrinkles… congested pores are so gross! At least once a week I like to give my skin good scrub with an exfoliating mask, & during the warmer seasons where sweat & extra sunscreen are a part of daily life, I’ll bump up this practice to every other day. HOWEVER, it IS possible to over-exfoliate your skin… which can lead to over-productive oil glands, more breakouts & even scarring… so, listen to your skin!


This fruit based enzyme mask had me at “blue tansy.” I’ve dabbled a bit in essential oils & know how good this particular oil is for your skin. Naturally high in azulene & a powerful anti-inflammatory, blue tansy works miracles at soothing irritated skin & reducing redness.


This pumpkin peel has been in my arsenal for years. It smells absolutely delicious, & yields instant results after just a few minutes!


Moisturized skin is the first step to youthful skin. While some masks focus on extraction, these prioritize adding moisture even when my skin is at its driest. I especially like using these products when I have a long travel day or am stuck in a cooler climate.


Important to note here: hydration starts from within. Drinking lots & lots of water will help keep your skin hydrated & do it’s part to help delay the aging process! Taking an omega-3 supplement, like this one, will also help to keep your skin moisturized & prevent it from becoming red, dry or itchy. (Omega-3’s are also great for preventing stretch marks!)


In spite of being oily, I still reach for hydrating masks to keep my skin healthy. I’ve found that this hydrating mask even works great as a makeup primer on days when my skin seems to be a little thirsty.


& because I am oily, I’ll often skip a moisturizer during the day & lean on a matte spf & primer to keep me shine-free, & instead opt for this overnight mask. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning with the most insanely smooth skin.


To get that gorgeous glow that comes from within, you have to start with healthy skin & hydration. There are also certain foods that lead to glowing skin, like citrus fruits, chia seeds & avocados. While clean & hydrated skin help you glow, these masks are the secret weapon to amplify it.


I’m a sucker for anything that claims to be anti-aging… but I also need it to work, noticeably. Tatcha is a cult-favorite & what I love about this anti-aging mask is that it is packed with Japanese beautyberry, two types of vitamin C, & AHAs from seven fruits that unveils softer, glowing skin without causing irritation.


This two-step brightening mask delivers brightening benefits by diminishing the look of dark spots & discoloration for a vibrant, luminous glow. Yes, it is spendy… & truth be told, the only reason I reached for this one initially was because I had some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket… but it is amazing!

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