5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

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We all know how good water is for us… how important it is to drink plenty of it… & yet, I seem to struggle to get the job done on the daily. 


Honestly, I kind of feel like drinking enough water in the day is another box I regularly fail to check off on my never-ending to-do list. I know the list of benefits: clearer skin, higher energy levels, fewer headaches, removing toxins etc. etc. The list goes on & on… I just literally forget to actually drink the water during my busy days! Can anyone else relate to this?!


Because I’ve been struggling with my skin breaking out ever since going off birth control & my energy levels seem to be low-low-low, no matter what I do lately, I’ve decided to go back to the basics. Here are 10 ways I’m implementing in an effort to up my hydration game…



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1. find a water bottle that brings you joy.

not to go all “Marie Kondo” on you, because we’re all getting tired of being inundated with her ways, tbh… but it’s kinda like working out: if you love your gym gear, you’re gonna be more motivated to get the job done. Same-sies with the water bottle. Find one that you love… one that looks great when you snap a pic to post on the ‘gram… one that you actually want to carry around, like an accessory to your day.


I like big water bottles, & I cannot lie. While, in theory, the more refills of the water bottle the better… let’s be reasonable: a girl can only make so many trips to before it becomes a real annoyance!

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2. invest in reusable straws.

OK, I have a confession: I’ve really had a hard time since society made this shift to be more environmentally friendly & stop offering straws. I’m all for it… I love Mother Earth… but I also really love a straw, & here’s why: it’s just better to drink from a straw when you wear lipstick, which I happen to love to do. You know what I’m talking about: you’ve gotten served a drink where someone else’s kiss print is still on the lip of your glass, & it kinda makes your stomach turn. You don’t know where that person’s mouth has been, & you have the right to choose who’s lips yours lock with. Which is why a straw is awesome.


I’m also way better at drinking faster through a straw, which may seem weird. I’m not gifted at chugging. I’m an embarrassingly terrible shot taker. But, I can suck down some ice water through a straw. It’s especially great, because I’m also not gifted at drinking out of the side of a glass without spilling on myself. & the ice will always slide forward & smash me in the face. So there it is: I really like a straw.


I recently added these reusable straws to my Amazon cart & I’m obsessed with them. I’m not a fan of the stainless steel straws because I’m a weirdo about my teeth. I’m afraid I’m going to go in too fast & chip a tooth or something, so the silicone flex tips on these straws are an answer to prayer. I love them, & even carry one around in a little plastic baggy in my purse.

3. try it flavored.

Sometimes plain ol’ water is just plain ol’ boring. For this very reason, Hubs & I have been super fans of Hint Water for a few years now. I’m pretty sure our UPS man is not our biggest fan, as he has to deliver a legit pallet of water once a month all year round… but hey, the stuff is delish & it helps us drink more water by having it on hand.


Fun fact: lemons are kind of magical. They have all kinds of healing properties! According to Medical Medium, lemons cleanse & detox the entire body, help alkalize the blood, cells, lymph, organs & putrefactive bacteria in the mouth & intestines, which can alleviate flatulence, indigestion & constipation. Lemons can help dissolve gallstones & kidney stones, & can help fight oral, lung, skin, breast, stomach & colon cancer. Lemons can significantly boost the immune system & reduce inflammation in the body, as well as boost your metabolism.


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4. drink up first thing in the am.

So… with all that good news about the health miracle that is a lemon, why not start the day with a tall glass of lemon water upon waking, to hydrate & cleanse the body first thing in the morning?! Wake up, drink up. Check.

5. phone a friend

Accountability makes every commitment easier to attain, so why not make the commitment with your bestie? Buy matching water bottles & keep tabs on each other’s hydration. Send each other a text at the end of the each day to see how it went. Cheer each other on, as you develop healthy habits together.

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